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Class Descriptions

Competitive Troupe Team is a dance team that was developed for dancers who desire to perform more often and take their dance to the next level. Please contact the Studio for more information on our Competitive Troupe Teams. Auditions for our 2024 - 2025 Team will be held in May. 


Combination Class meets for 60 minutes per week. This class is for ages 3 years old through adult. Combination Classes for students ages 3 to 7 years old will consist of 30 minutes of Tap and 30 minutes of Ballet or 30 minutes of Jazz, Pom-Pon and 30 minutes of Hip-Hop; ages 7 and above, 30 minutes of Hip-Hop and 30 minutes of Jazz, Contemporary, and/or Lyrical. This class is perfect for the beginner to advanced dancer. Classes are split by age and skill level.


Fairy Tale Dance Class will be offered in 10-week segments and meets for 40 minutes each week. This is a pre-ballet class for students that are preschool age (3 to 5 years old). During the initial week a fairy tale story is read to them, and then students learn Pre-Ballet dance movements with music pertaining to the story. The following week the students put on costumes over their leotard/tights and then perform their routine. This class is an excellent dance class for beginning little dancers. It is a fun and rewarding experience for the children to dress up and perform! The Fairy Tale costumes are provided for each student at each performance.


Two-Year-Old Movement Class will be offered in 10-week segments and meets for 30 minutes each week. A parent attends this class with their child. This fast paced, fun filled class introduces your child to easy dance movements and gives students the opportunity to be a part of a dance class with the help of Mom or Dad.


Ballet I, II, III, IV, and V Classical Ballet is fundamental for all dance classes. Ballet provides the basis for all forms of dance and should be taken first, or concurrently, with Tap or Jazz classes. Ballet teaches proper technique, posture and terminology. Students are grouped together by skill level and experience. Classes labeled Ballet incorporate technical skills and performance skills.


Pointe and Pre-Pointe  These classes are only open to dancers who have instructor approval. Pre-Pointe and Pointe are similar to a regular ballet class in terms of focus and discipline. The difference, however, is student’s wear pointe shoes (ballet shoes with a hard, full-soled shank and a boxed toe) so that the ballerina may go fully onto pointe while in releve. This class is for the more advanced ballet dancer; an additional Ballet Class must be taken along with any Pointe class. As our young dancers grow, we emphasize the importance of making decisions that will ensure our dancers’ future health. Not everyone is made for pointe class, so ankle and foot bone structure, stage of growth, and strength must all be considered.


Tap Class meets once a week for 30 minutes. Tap class is offered to students ages 7 and up and focuses on rhythm, musicality, and timing. All classes begin with an energetic warm-up, across the floor exercises, and combinations. Students explore the fundamental steps of tap dance, learn tap terminology, and develop the ability to maintain correct body placement. 

Boys Hip-Hop Dance is a structured form of street dance designed to teach coordination, strength, quickness, agility, and endurance. Some tricks may be added. This class is for ages 5 to adult. 


Gymnastics ACRO for Dance meets for 45 minutes each week. This class develops courage, strength, stamina, coordination, flexibility, and jumping abilities. Gymnastics ACRO for Dance unites power and poise with grace and beauty, to create an intriguing Dance. This class is for ages 3 and up. 


ACRO Gymnastics for DanceSKILLS ONLY. This class focuses on skills and conditioning while developing strength, stamina, coordination, flexibility, and jumping abilities. ACRO Gymnastics for Dance unites power and poise with grace and beauty, to create an intriguing Dance. This class is for ages 9 and up. This class meets once per week for 45 minutes and is NOT a Recital Class.


Pom This class focuses on the isolating of the body with sharp movements. In this class, you will learn a pom-pom routine and techniques in leaps, turns, and jumps along with pom-pom skills. This class is for ages 3 and up. This class meets once per week for 30 minutes.


Technique Leaps, Turns & Flex is geared to build the dancer’s flexibility and skills, such as turns, leaps, and jumps, while perfecting skills and building their core, arms, shoulders, and legs. This is a must class for dancers that want to advance to the next level in dance, or for those dancers with the goal of making one of our Performance Troupe Teams and/or their high school dance team. This class is offered per semester and meets for 40 minutes each week.


Conditioning Class provides a regimen of exercise for the development of a dancer’s endurance, strength, flexibility and coordination.


Private Lessons will be offered by as weekly 30 minute lessons. You may choose from one of the following types of dance: Tap, Jazz, Lyrical, Contemporary, Ballet, Pointe, and Hip-Hop. Mrs. Sarah will make final approval of the type of dance. Prerequisite: One Combination Class or Ballet Class must be taken in addition to Private Lesson


Dance Recital Grand Finale practice will begin in January and meets for 30 minutes bi-weekly. Students will learn a recital finale production routine. This class is for ages 6 to 18 and must be in a Recital class to participate.


Recital Dancer & Parent Dance This class will be offered the second semester, and meets for 45 minutes bi-weekly. Students and their Parent(s) will learn a short and fun routine that will be performed at our Annual Recital. No dance experience necessary. This class is for ages 5 and above.


SDA Birthday Party - click this link or please contact the Studio for more information.  



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